Saturday, September 19, 2015

Board Games for Doctor Who Fans

Board Games Any Whovian Will Love

If you're looking at buying a gift for someone who loves our favorite Time Lord, Doctor Who and also enjoys board games then there are quite a few choices available to choose from. All of your favorite games seem to be available in a Doctor Who version from Monopoly to Trivial Pursuit and from Chess to Yahtzee. There's even a Doctor Who Board game to choose from.

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Doctor Who Monopoly

Everyone loves Monopoly, don't they? It's certainly a classic from my childhood which I still enjoy and it's featured on a number of different shows and films over the years. I think it's because of Monopoly's popularity that there's not just one Doctor Who Monopoly game available, but several -

The 50th Anniversary game gives a nod to several of the Doctors with the collectible tokens including a scarf, bow tie, screwdriver, celery, recorder and umbrella, the game board itself features images of the first 11 Doctors on it. Unfortunately the release of this game in the US caused a few upset fans as the tokens were of poor quality, the manufacturer claims that this has been fixed and the version I've seen is of the usual Monopoly quality so hopefully the same is true of the one I've linked to above.

The Villain's edition has the following tokens - TARDIS, gas mask, 12th Doctor's ring, Pandorica, K-9 and River Song's diary. I'd like to be K-9 if I get given this set as I used to love K-9 when I was growing up and longed to own one of my own...........yes I've been watching the Doctor for a very long time.

As you can see from the picture the board features all of your favorite Doctor Who villains and it certainly makes you want to dive straight into a game don't you think? This version is definitely on my Christmas list, although as hubby doesn't really like Monopoly (silly man) I'll probably end up with one of the other games on my list instead!

I have only just come across the Regeneration version on Amazon and so I have no idea what it's like, but it has received a lot of favorable reviews. The tokens are apparently - the Fez, TARDIS, Sonic screwdriver, U.N.I.T. badge, the Moment and River Song's diary.

Doctor Who Chess

I must admit I'm not really that impressed with this chess set, but that's probably because I've seen some gorgeous looking chess pieces over the years and this doesn't really do it for me. Having said that I do know an 11 year old girl who thinks it's fantastic so I guess it depends on what you're after in a chess set.

Doctor Who Yahtzee

When the Doctor Who Yahtzee first came out you could choose between two different versions which was hard enough, but then at the San Diego Comic Com they made things even tougher by producing a third option! Which one is your favorite?

I love the idea of the Dalek as that reminds me of my early days watching Doctor Who with my little brother hiding behind the sofa when we heard those words, 'Exterminate, Exterminate!' A lot of people I know who are also fans would choose the TARDIS though as that is an enduring Doctor Who image. Even with the Pandorica version I think I'd still be torn between the first two - what about you?

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set

A True Star Trek Collectible

Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set by the Franklin Mint
The Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set was reproduced by Franklin Mint in 1994 and is in high demand as a collectible.

This chess set is quite unlike any other that you would have come across as it's on a total of 7 different boards, a really fascinating concept.

This Star Trek Tri Dimensional chess set would make a really unique gift for any Star Trek fan that they are bound to love.

The Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set consists of three larger playing boards along with four smaller 2.13 inch moveable attack boards.

The total height of the tri-dimensional chess set when it's assembled is 14 inches tall.

The chess pieces are made of 24ct gold and sterling silver.

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Your illogical approach to chess does have its advantages on occasion, Captain.
Mr Spock

This Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set is an official one produced by Franklin Mint. An amazing collectible it comes with the following -
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Custom Tri-Dimensional Chess Rules and Strategy Booklet
  • Photo of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock Playing Tri-Dimensional Chess

Kirk: Have I ever mentioned you play a very irritating game of chess, Mr Spock?
Spock: Irritating? Ah yes - one of your Earth emotions.

This Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set was never produced for retail orders instead it was a direct mail order only product. This means that it remains extremely collectible and is an ideal gift for any Star Trek fan.

What Do You Think of This Chess Set?

McCoy: Please, Spock, do me a favour, and don't say it's "fascinating"!
Spock: No, but it is... interesting.

Bid on a Star Trek Tri Dimensional Chess Set

If you're really lucky you'll find a Star Trek Tri Dimensional chess set on ebay, let's see if there's any at the moment......

Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Sets on eBay

Monday, February 2, 2015

I Love Trivial Pursuit!

Hasbro Games Trivial Pursuit Family EditionCheck Price
Trivial Pursuit - The Game Where Useless Information Wins!

Trivial Pursuit is yet another great thing we can thank the 80s for along with the music and the movies!! When your mind holds onto what most people call useless information you can reign supreme as a Trivial Pursuit Megastar!

When I was younger we had many a Trivial Pursuit evening at home with just the family, as I got older I also played with friends. All of a sudden Trivia nights were popping up all over the place! Everyone wanted to play Trivial Pursuit.

Thanks to my brain holding on to a range of interesting trivia and the advent of the game Trivial Pursuit I was able to have my first ever ride on a helicopter! Yes Trivial Pursuit led to Trivia nights everywhere and there were some fantastic prizes up for grabs :)

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Trivial Pursuit, the Original

The original Trivial Pursuit is known as the Genus Edition, although I like to call it the Genius edition......unless we're playing against my parents as they always seem to beat us! It comes in the instantly recognizable blue box, but the only problem with this version is that some of the answers are dated. It is fun, however to try and guess what the answers were back in the 80s and it's certainly easier on my geography!!
Trivial Pursuit: Master Game - Genus EditionCheck Price

There are 6 different categories which are distinguished by different colors and you basically have to work your way around the board to collect all of the different colors to make up your wheel/pie/pizza or whatever it is you call your gamepiece!

Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD

This is the version which is in our games cupboard at the moment and it is great fun. Instead of the usual History, Entertainment, Geography, Science & Nature and Literature the categories are TV, Music, Trends, Film, Gossip and Sports & Games.

There are two ways to play this game - the usual way and the short version. This is very handy as Trivial Pursuit games have been known to go for hours and hours at times!!!!
Trivial Pursuit POP Culture DVD GameCheck Price

Kids Love Trivial Too - Family Edition Trivial Pursuit

My dd wants us to buy the family edition Trivial Pursuit. The one we have at the moment is too hard for her, however her McDonalds one (thanks happy meal toys!) is way too easy for us to enjoy!
We've brought the family edition Trivial Pursuit and it is awesome. The family edition comes with two lots of cards which means the whole family can have fun and still play at their own levels. Mind you if I get something wrong my daughter is quick to tell me she could've got that one right and it's for grown ups!!!
Hasbro Games Trivial Pursuit Family EditionCheck Price

The 6 categories are People & Places, Entertainment, Wild Card, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure and History. With kids questions and adults then the younger members of the family shouldn't get too frustrated at not being able to understand the questions, while the older members can still flex their memory muscles.

Trivial Pursuit Disney EditionCheck Price

Disney also contains cards for both adult and child players categories are Heroes & Heroines, Once Upon a time, monsters and villains, supporting stars, places and props, the wonderful world of Disney.

Trivial Pursuit For Kids Nickelodeon EditionCheck Price

This game is supposed to be strictly for the kids, but if (like me) you sit down and watch the Nickelodeon channel with your children,,,,you might be able to score a few points!

Trivial Pursuit Goes 80s

The Trivial Pursuit 80s Edition has been on my Santa list for two Christmas' now, but my hubby still hasn't brought it! I think he's too scared that I'd beat him!! I haven't played this game, but I think it would be a lot of fun.
I'm a child of the 80s and so are a number of our long-term friends so I think this version of Trivial Pursuit would be something fun to make a night of over while listening to 80s movies and drinking some of the delicious cocktails with x-rated names that we all enjoyed back then! Trivial Pursuit: Totally 80sCheck Price

Trivial Pursuit into the 90s

Some of my 'younger' friends may prefer the 90s version to the 80s and it's just more proof that there is a Trivial Pursuit game to suit everyone.

Looking at some of the sample questions I think the 90s version would probably really appeal to children of the 80s as well with questions such as what sitcom star popularized the Rachel haircut?
Trivial Pursuit 1990's EditionCheck Price

Trivial Pursuit for Everyone

There are so many different versions of Trivial Pursuit on the market that there really is a trivial pursuit for everyone from music lovers, bookworms to movie buffs.

My uncle used to hate playing with my parents, but if he picked a television inspired trivial pursuit version then I'm pretty sure he could clean up :)

Music Lovers Trivial Pursuit

The first music related Trivial Pursuit edition that I came across was based on The Beatles, having grown up in a post-Beatles era (notably the 1980s) I did surprise myself by how much I knew with the sample questions. There were a couple other music related Trivial Pursuit games available as you can see here -

Trivial Pursuit for Movie Lovers

Whether you love the glamorous silver screen movies of the 30s and 40s or are a die hard Lord of the Rings movie fanatic you can find a Trivial Pursuit game to enjoy, just check these three out -

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